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What are the options?

Published by: Norfolk County Council

What can assist the Carers?

Based on the feedback we received in the Focus Group, we worked with on the Going Outdoors scenario and the potential issues with this, for example Person Living With Dementia getting lost, or the informal carer was worried about getting overly tired when going for a walk.

Getting Lost?

When going outdoors there is potential for getting lost and not knowing where the PLWD is, or worse still the PLWD does not know where they are either, and then starts to panic. There is a range of Assistive Technology which can help with location and also communication, if something happens.

Feedback from the Focus Group pointed the MONUMENT Project towards simple assistive technology, that was easy to use when under pressure, or in a panicked state when lost. Additional benefits, such as a Google maps based location service and the ability to talk to the holder of the technology would be advantageous for the informal carer.

Getting Tired?

When visiting the outdoor spaces in Norfolk, it is good to know the venue you are visiting has certain facilities available to you, for example there is a car park, with a Café and an accessible toilet.

The Gressenhall Workhouse and Rural Farm Museum is divided into two sections with the workhouse next to the car park and the Rural Life farm across the road. There are a number of walks around the whole site ranging upto a couple of miles in length and different surfaces to travel across. For those who can not walk a long distance, Gressenhall has a pair of 4 wheel scooters which visitors to the site can use free of charge to assist with getting around the sites.

However the feedback from the Focus Groups about the design of accessibility scooters meant that a different style of all-terrain transport would be more acceptable. Something which was not deemed 'disabled' looking or for 'old people' would be more appropriate and encourage those PLWD of a younger age to use them and enjoy getting around the whole site, not just staying close to the main building.

Next step... What assistive technology is the MONUMENT Project assessing.

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